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It is my pleasure to introduce the PATH Foundation’s 2022 Community Report.

This past year, PATH connected and reconnected with many nonprofits and organizations from Fauquier, Culpeper, and Rappahannock counties with the goal of strengthening and uplifting our communities.

Alongside 476 nonprofit affiliate partners, PATH extended resources and support to nonprofits in our three-county footprint with 174 individual grants that totaled just over $12.8 MILLION. Some of these grants are highlighted here. The size of this investment into our communities is possible thanks to the nonprofit partners that help PATH extend its reach and connect to those who are in most need of support.

We offer a special “thank you” to MacKenzie Scott for her generous contribution of $15M to the PATH Foundation. We were incredibly surprised and honored that she was aware of the work we’ve done in the community, and thrilled to have this validation of efforts we’ve made since our inception. Ms. Scott’s grant will be used to continue our investment in the community, guided by our mission and strategic plan.

We share our annual community report to shine a light on the dedication and innovation of these associated nonprofits, and to thank them for continually enriching the lives of those in our communities. Together, we collaborate to make this a great place to live, work, play and grow—for everyone.

Thank you to all our nonprofit partners for your continued efforts and support of PATH’s mission. Thank you for reading, and we hope you’ll join us in looking forward to all we can accomplish together.

Christy M. Connolly
PATH Foundation President and CEO


Path foundation house

The PATH Foundation

is a philanthropic foundation that supports Fauquier, Rappahannock, and Culpeper counties. Since 2014, we have invested over $73 million in our community. Through grants, programs, and partnerships, we help provide resources to the organizations that align with our mission and values to serve our community.

Core Focus areas

Grant recipients must align with one or more of our core focus areas: Access to Health, Childhood Wellness, Mental Health, and Senior Services.


Our Mission

The PATH Foundation strengthens the health and vitality of our community.


2022 PATH Intern Project

Each summer, PATH’s dedicated interns plan and execute a unique group project. In 2022, interns decided to support the Fauquier Education Farm with the help of muralist Racheal Jackson. Following Racheal’s original design, interns painted a shed that is visible to volunteers during presentations, workshops, and hands-on learning experiences!

High School Senior Giving

The PATH Foundation continued its High School Senior Giving program, created to encourage high schoolers to give back to their community. This program allows seniors in Fauquier, Rappahannock and Culpeper counties to select a local nonprofit participating in Northern Piedmont Community Foundation’s Give Local Piedmont to receive a donation, paid for by PATH.

Give Local Piedmont

The PATH Foundation contributes to Give Local Piedmont, for the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation’s Day of Giving. The funds match community donations and encourage public support of the event.

High School Senior Giving

Holiday Kindness – M&M’s®

Around the holidays, PATH likes to enact our annual Holiday Kindness project. In 2022, we gifted community members and our affiliated nonprofit organizations with customized PATH M&M’s® to kick off the season of giving!

Spotlight background

Educational Opportunities after High School

Virginia College Advising Corps & Laurel Ridge Community College

The PATH Foundation supports high school students seeking opportunities in higher education, whether through college or vocational programs. For some, the traditional, college-going experience fulfills their educational goals and offers a unique life experience. For others, trade and technical schools are an effective means of gaining a certification in a marketable skill, in an essential profession.

In 2022, PATH granted the Virginia College Advising Corps (VCAC) $158,150 to support their mission to increase the number of low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented high school students who enter and complete higher education. With this grant, VCAC continued to expand their high school services to students who need it most. VCAC uses a unique, “near-peer” mentor model, placing advisors with similar backgrounds to the students, as counselors. High school seniors who met with VCAC advisors are 14% more likely to have at least one college acceptance, 20% more likely to take the SAT, 22% more likely to submit a college application, 26% more likely to submit the FAFSA and 32% more likely to apply for a scholarship (Virginia College Advising Corps, 2019). There are currently Virginia College Advisors in the majority of all public high schools throughout Fauquier, Rappahannock, and Culpeper Counties.


Spotlight 2

Also in 2022, PATH extended a grant of $169,331 to the Laurel Ridge Community College Educational Foundation to provide welding equipment for LRCC’s Certified Welder program in their new Skills Trade Center: the first-ever building dedicated to offering skilled trades classes to both college and high school students in Fauquier County. With this program, Laurel Ridge Community College helps students gain the necessary skills to apply for Combination Welder positions, and the ability to earn an American Welding Society (AWS) certification. Beyond their Certified Welder program, students may obtain vocational skills in construction, HVAC, civil engineering, and more. With LRCC’s new Skills Trade Center, students in the Fauquier County community may learn a trade or technical skill, offering hands-on, in-demand career training in highly sought-after fields.

LRCC logo

VCAC logo

Grant Highlights


Headwaters was awarded a grant for $25,000 to continue their work as an educational nonprofit benefiting Rappahannock County youth. Headwaters’ work includes offering critical programming and unique enrichment opportunities to young people in Rappahannock County.

& Commit to Be Fit

Fauquier County’s Fauquier Reaches for Excellence in School Health (FRESH) program and Rappahannock County’s Commit to Be Fit program share the common goal to provide nutritious meals, an active lifestyle, literary opportunities and overall health and wellness to the area’s youth. FRESH was awarded $693,000 and Commit to Be Fit was awarded $450,000 to continue to provide the resources necessary for children’s wellbeing.


Piedmont Smiles is a collaborative project led by the Fauquier Free Clinic, which offers a one-day event where community members gain access to professional dental care at no cost to them. This program and its dedicated volunteers offer dental care to residents of Fauquier, Culpeper, Rappahannock, Orange and Madison counties, and throughout the region. The Piedmont Smiles program received an internal grant of $30,000 to support their inaugural dental event. More than 200 volunteers made this event possible, including 150 community volunteers from the PATH Volunteer Hub. The day’s efforts served 211 patients.

Learn more about
Piedmont Smiles

Hero’s Bridge

Hero’s Bridge reimagines veteran care in a tight-knit community through programs that serve those who have served us. In 2022, Hero’s Bridge received a $67,000 grant to establish more Community Health Workers (CHWs) as a part of their Battle Buddy program. This program pairs elderly veterans and younger veterans with the understanding that serving our country is a unique experience which not everyone may relate to. By implementing the Battle Buddy program, not only does Hero’s Bridge support veterans in the comfort of their own homes, they also provide sought-after healthcare skills to CHWs. The Battle Buddy program (along with Honor Guard, Paw Patrol and HomeFront) lend in “bridging the gap” between veterans and a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Hero_s Bridge


Sustainability Matters  received a $25,000 Make it Happen! grant for their Making Trash Bloom initiative. This initiative combines environmental data collection with community education, encouraging the Rappahannock County community to reclaim the ecologically barren Rappahannock County Landfill by planting native pollinator and wildlife habitats.

Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission – Regional Transportation Collaborative

The Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission received $210,000 to fund the Regional Transportation Collaborative (RTC). The RTC coordinates and strategically funds key partners involved in transportation for seniors and others with transportation challenges. RTC partners coordinated and provided 7,600 rides in 2022, distributed gas cards to help with health care visits, and maintained a volunteer work force of 90 drivers who drove more than 3,000 hours and 50,000 miles in the last year.

Grant Highlights

Fauquier FISH

Fauquier FISH accepted $50,000 to support their core mission, which is “neighbors helping neighbors with kindness and respect in a time of need.” FISH received an additional $50,000 to support their Weekend Powerpack food program, ensuring that children don’t go hungry while home on the weekends. FISH also received just over $23,000 for their Senior Supplemental Nutrition program, assisting seniors facing food insecurity. Finally, PATH awarded FISH $30,000, backing their successful POPBucks program for local children and their families to purchase produce and fresh food from varying stalls at the Warrenton Farmers Market.

Fauquier FISH


Afro-American Historical Association (AAHA)

PATH awarded $105,000 to the Afro-American Historical Association (AAHA) so they may continue to provide education on the history and impact of Fauquier’s African American community. This funding allowed the AAHA to share local history and genealogy to the Neighborhoods program and the Morgantown School site. Funding also allowed the AAHA to update their technology to further assist in their mission.

Afro-American Historical Association (AAHA)
PATH Rec Center Batting Cage

Culpeper Wellness Foundation

In July 2022, the Culpeper Wellness Foundation utilized a grant from the PATH Foundation for $500,000 to open the PATH Recreation and Fitness Center (PRFC). The fitness center contains a range of rooms and activities for all ages. The 27,000-square-foot building offers multi-use sport courts, sports simulators, batting cages, and premium equipment for fitness training, as well as room for varying exercise classes.

The Culpeper Wellness Foundation, created in 2014, has been a major contributor to the communities of Culpeper, Madison and Orange counties, and throughout the area. Along with the new PRFC, the Culpeper Wellness Foundation runs the Free Clinic of Culpeper, meant for uninsured individuals living in Culpeper County. The Foundation also operates the Piedmont

Regional Dental Clinic, which provides access to affordable, oral health care in Orange County and other areas, for all ages and incomes; including reduced rates for those who earn at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Through the completion of PRFC, the Culpeper Wellness Foundation fulfills its mission to work toward improving health and promoting wellness in Culpeper, Madison and Orange counties. The PRFC provides a means of supporting the physical health and wellness of the community through drop-ins, monthly passes, and memberships; the Culpeper Wellness Foundation also provides scholarships to those with financial need, enabling all members of the communities to enjoy the center.


The PATH Resource Center began as a partnership with the Charlottesville-based Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE). Since then, the Resource Center now includes the PATH Volunteer Hub, PATH Community Link and a Warrenton office for CNE.

The PATH Foundation also provides community meeting rooms (available free-of-charge to nonprofits) and office space for the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Fauquier.



The PATH Volunteer Hub is home to, an online platform that connects local nonprofits with community members looking to volunteer their time. Today, more than 6,149 volunteers are registered on the platform. The Volunteer Hub also provides case-by-case assistance and advice on implementing volunteer programs. In addition, the Volunteer Hub spearheads an annual, community-wide month of service: Let’s Volunteer Month.


PATH Community Link is a free, confidential resource that connects community members in need with organizations and services that can provide aid. You can call or email for personalized assistance or search the online database for services that help with needs such as food, transportation, translation, financial assistance, health care, case work, housing and more.
Se habla Español.

(855) 495-LINK (5465) or


The Center for Nonprofit Excellence, at the PATH Resource Center, offers personalized tools, training, consulting and resources to nonprofits in the Foundation footprint. With the goal of strengthening the impact of nonprofits in the community, the PATH Resource Center also offers classes, workshops, access to the Foundation Directory Online (FDO), and many more services.


Volunteers Alice
& Tim Cotter

Culpeper natives Alice and Tim Cotter (married over 25 years) have worked together across their careers—now, they have found a passion for volunteering together as well. When Alice and Tim decided to retire early, they realized that they had more spare time than they knew what to do with.

Alice says, “We’ve worked together for years, and [volunteering] has become an extension of that, which has added a lot of joy to our lives.”

In the spring of 2022, the couple enrolled in PATH’s Volunteer Hub to give back to their community and locate a social outlet with like-minded peers. They began volunteering for organizations and events like the Fauquier Free Clinic, Piedmont Smiles, the Piedmont Environmental Council, and more. After some time, Alice and Tim became regulars at Hero’s Bridge as a part of their Battle Buddy program and the Fauquier Education Farm in Warrenton.

“We enjoyed the farm so much that we joined the master gardener program, where we were able to complete our classroom time and over 50 hours of volunteering through the accredited Fauquier Education Farm,” says Alice.

While Alice and Tim enjoy volunteering for the gratification of helping their community, they also mention the benefit of its social aspects. Alice remarks that she and Tim “connect with other volunteers, share stories and get to know each other.” By volunteering through PATH’s

Volunteer Hub, they have made new friends, which Alice says can be challenging upon retirement.

“When we started exploring opportunities offered by the PATH Foundation, we were interested in how the impact of volunteering was measured. Through this organization we learned more about our area’s needs and got a clear picture of how our time made a difference,” says Tim.

Alice and Tim show no signs of slowing down. Alice volunteers twice a week at the Fauquier Free Clinic, and the couple continues to volunteer regularly at the Fauquier Education Farm and Hero’s Bridge.

Asset 3

Overview of Grants

PATH offers four varities of grants: Flexible Funding, Make it Happen!, Technical Assistance and the Better Together Fund. Flexible Funding grants are offered twice each fiscal year, while Make it Happen! and Technical Assistance grants are accepted on a rolling basis.

Flexible Funding

Flexible Funding grants provide unrestricted general operating support to eligible 501(c)3s. Organizations may apply for funding that can be used as needed toward a nonprofit’s mission. Flexible Funding aims to prioritize those most in need, and grants must align with at least one of PATH’s four priorities: Access to Health, Childhood Wellness, Mental Health, and Senior Services.

Make it Happen!

Make it Happen! grants foster the can-do attitude of our region and promote creativity. These grants aim to inspire fresh ideas from new voices in the community region, promote creativity, and provide a community bright spot, by offering up to $25,000 in funding.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance grants help organizations operate effectively. Funds may be used to offset the cost of a consultant, tools, or training opportunities, enabling a nonprofit to achieve its mission.

Better Together

Better Together funding supports nonprofit community events post-Covid. Up to $2,500
is provided to nonprofits who plan
community-facing events.

Overview of Grants

2022 Grants

  • Afro-American Historical Association of Fauquier County (AAHA)
  • Aging Together
  • American Red Crossof Central Virginia
  • Artists in Middleburg
  • Boys & Girls Club of Fauquier
  • Brumfield Elementary
  • Bull Run Mountains Conservancy
  • Career Partners, Inc.
  • CASA Children’s Intervention Services, Inc.
  • Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington
  • CDR Resource Center
  • Childhelp
  • Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties
  • Community Touch
  • Cornerstone Baptist Church
  • Culpeper Baptist Church
  • Culpeper Community Development Corporation
  • Culpeper County Government
  • Culpeper County Public Schools
  • Culpeper Literacy Council
  • Culpeper Winter Heat Shelter
  • Encompass Community Supports
  • ESL at Warrenton Baptist Church
  • Experience Old Town Warrenton
  • Family Futures
  • Fauquier Community Child Care, Inc.
  • Fauquier Community Coalition
  • Fauquier Community Theatre
  • Fauquier County 4-H
  • Fauquier County Government
  • Fauquier County Public Schools
  • Fauquier Education Farm
  • Fauquier Family Shelter Services, Inc.
  • Fauquier FISH
  • Fauquier Free Clinic
  • Fauquier Habitat for Humanity
  • Fauquier Heritage &Preservation Foundation
  • Fauquier Historical Society
  • Fauquier Youth Livestock Advisory Council
  • Foothills Forum
  • Foothills Housing Corporation
  • Friends of the Rappahannock
  • George Washington Carver Agricultural Research Center Inc.
  • Girls on the Run Piedmont
  • Goose Creek Association
  • Headwaters Foundation
  • Hero’s Bridge
  • Highland School
  • Hope Heals Foundation
  • Hospice of the Piedmont
  • Hospice Support of Fauquier County
  • Just Neighbors
  • Kid Pan Alley
  • Laurel Ridge Community College
  • Leadership Fauquier
  • Learning Starts Early
  • MAFRAC – Mid-Atlantic Foodand Resilience Access Coalition
  • Marshall Middle School
  • Marshall Moving Forward
  • Master Gardener Assoc of Fauquier & Rapp Counties
  • Minority and Veteran Farmers of the Piedmont
  • Morgan’s Message, Inc.
  • Northern Piedmont Community Foundation
  • People Helping People
  • Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center
  • Piedmont Environmental Council
  • Piedmont Journalism Foundation
  • Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic
  • Postpartum Support Virginia
  • Rainbow Therapeutic Riding Center
  • Rapp Center for Education
  • Rapp at Home
  • Rappahannock Benevolent Fund
  • Rappahannock County Broadband Authority
  • Rappahannock County Public Schools
  • Rappahannock Pantry, Inc.
  • Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission
  • RCPS Parent Teacher Organization
  • Remington United Methodist Church
  • Rooted In Education
  • Rx Drug Access Partnership
  • Serendipity Equines
  • Services to Abused Families, Inc. (SAFE)
  • Sex, Drugs & God, Inc
  • Spiritual Care Support Ministries
  • Spirit Works Foundation
  • Sustainability Matters
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders
  • The Arc of North Central VA
  • The Bridge Community Church
  • The Child Care & Learning Center
  • The Clifton Institute
  • The Free Clinic of Culpeper
  • The Plains Community League (TPCL)
  • The Plains Park Authority
  • The Salvation Army
  • The Warrenton Meeting Place
  • Town of Warrenton
  • Verdun Adventure Bound, Inc.
  • Virginia College Advising Corps
  • Virginia Health Care Foundation
  • Warrenton Police Department
  • Warrenton United Methodist Church
  • Warrenton Youth Sports Club
  • Windmore Foundationfor the Arts
  • Windy Hill Foundation
  • Youth For Tomorrow


2022 2021
Current assets
Cash $7,371,487 $4,224,841
Prepaid expenses & other assets $1,402,982 $741,718
Investments $202,234,443 $265,730,600
Notes receivable $3,157,713 $3,378,305
Property & equipment (net) $9,932,871 $10,307,898
Total Assets $224,099,496 $284,383,362
Accounts payable & accrued expenses $795,054 $590,026
Grants payable $3,446,963 $177,000
Deferred federal excise tax $500,000 $1,490,000
Total liabilities $4,762,017 $2,257,026
Net Assets
Without donor restrictions $218,522,297 $281,531,924
With donor restrictions $815,182 $594,412
Total net assets $219,337,479 $282,126,336
Total Liabilities & Net Assets $224,099,496 $284,383,362
OCTOBER 1, 2021 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2022


Health Priorities
Includes Access to Health, Childhood Wellness, Mental Health & Senior Services
PATH Programming
Includes PATH Resource Center, Community Link, Volunteer Hub and PATH Partnerships
Capacity Building
Includes Discretionary Grants & Regional Population Health
Nonprofit Office Space
Make it Happen!
Community Engagement
Technical Assistance
Since 2014, PATH has invested over $73M in our communities.